Musìta aims to be a point of reference in the production of Sicilian wine, offering quality and reliability. As a family winery, we strive to grow the company while preserving our key values: loyalty and uncompromising quality.


The essence of our Sicilian identity, told through the fruit of the noble lands surrounding Musìta.


A line of organic single-varietal wines that, in their simplicity, express the Mediterranean spirit of our region.


Carefully selected grapes for a wine aged in French oak barrels, resulting in these blends, the ultimate expression of our winery.


Our tribute to the Moorish roots of the territory, wines with a strong and passionate character.


Zibibbo, made sweet and intense step by step by the skillful hands of passion.


Sparkling wine
Carefully selected Catarratto grapes give life to an elegant Charmat method wine, with a typically Sicilian character.

Our land


The richness of nature and the prominent hilly landscape, the balance between white and black grape varieties, Sicily dazzles with the beauty and diversity of nature, bestowing upon wine a character fueled by rich and unique blends, a distinctive trait that ensures its recognizability. One and many stories, a place that is a kaleidoscope of peoples, civilizations, landscapes, and traditions. An island where unique emotions are born.

Our home

An ancient medieval village nestled in a magnificent hilly landscape in the heart of the province of Trapani. Among vineyards and centuries-old olive groves cultivated on the slopes, one can admire archaeological treasures that tell the stories of ancient cultures and peoples. A territory particularly suited for the production of mineral, fresh, and structurally rich wines.

From the land

To the Glass

Ancient Origins

In the second half of the 19th century, Don Ignazio planted the first vineyard, convinced that the slopes of the hill, which the Arabs called 'musìta' because there stood an ancient mosque, were among the most suitable in western Sicily.

History and innovation come together on fifty hectares of vineyards, in the hilly lands of Salemi at an altitude of 500 meters.

The vineyard area of the company encompasses approximately two hundred hectares, primarily located on the hilly terrain of the Salemi region, with an average altitude of five hundred meters above sea level.

Of the total hectares, a portion is dedicated to direct production, while the other is for indirect production. The latter is part of the 'partner in the vineyard' project, which involves the participation of Sicilian grape growers in the application, under our guidance and supervision, of the Musita quality protocol.


The richness of our lands


The largest vineyard of the winery, where Chardonnay, Catarratto, Syrah, and Grillo are cultivated.


The realm of Nero D'Avola, the native vineyard located near the Fontanabianca district.


From the clayey soils, the area is known for the cultivation of Merlot.

The climate, with rainy and mild winters and hot and dry summers, ensures the perfect ripening of the grapes, aided by a significant temperature range.


The hill to the south of Salemi, with its limestone-clay soils, is the home of our Grillo.

New technologies and ancient traditions enable the care of the entire production process, preserving the unique characteristics of the territory.

What this splendid land expresses is enhanced by the skilled hands of expert agronomists and winemakers.

Musita's Sicily, with its natural richness, is a land of beauty and diversity that imparts a distinctive character to its wines, an unprecedented blend of traditions, landscapes, and cultures that inspire. A place where unique stories are born.

A journey

to share


Musita wines are a journey in verses that, step by step, reveal the story of a place where the sacred and the secular harmoniously coexist in unique views and scenarios.



Experience all the flavors of our products by discovering native varieties that find their finest expression in our territory.




Discover the Team Musita's dedication to nature and sustainability, working meticulously with a preference for organic farming.




Explore the finest bottles from the winery, crafted through the selection of the best grapes, paired with the finest local cuisine, to create the best possible harmony for all the senses.


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About Us

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Commercial director

Vito Amato

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Gaetano Ardagna

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Wine maker; Production and quality control manager

Carmela Ardagna

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Finance and administration

Tiziana Ardagna

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International sales

Cristina Morando

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Logistics Manager

Nicola Castiglione

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Wine Maker

Filippo Di Giovanna